Catalogue Number
Release Date
15th June 2018
Rooftop Sessions
1. City Gardens / 2. Opus 2,5 / 3. Draft / 4. Kitchen Stories / 5. Meanwhile / 6. Then We Waltzed / 7. Foreseen / 8. Rooftop Session Part 1 / 9. Rooftop Session Part II / 10. Mormor / 11. Afterwards
Driving change in Nordic music is the young Danish trio, Dreamers' Circus. Contemporary and endlessly innovative in their approach they draw inspiration from the deep traditions of Danish and Swedish folk music, masterfully re-shaping Nordic music into something bright, edgy, shiny and new. Rooftop Sessions is the third album from the band but their first to be given distribution outside Denmark. The world is about to hear a lot more of Dreamers' Circus. Playing violin, piano and cittern, these Dreamers create music that displays a playful inventiveness allied with a Nordic sensibility that is at once refined and cool. They've won numerous awards in their native Denmark and this genre-crossing band are on a journey, focused in their determination to bring new Nordic music to a wide international audience. Dreamers' Circus view their traditional roots as a point of departure and know that tradition should not be a straitjacket. This adventurous attitude coupled with their outstanding musicianship has brought the band to stages as diverse as Sydney Opera House and Roskilde Festival, showcases on both Womex and Classical:NEXT. They have been awarded five Danish Music Awards for their previous two albums released in 2013 and 2015. Dreamers' Circus are: Nikolaj Busk (DK) on piano and accordion, Ale Carr (SWE) on nordic cittern and Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen (DK) on violin. Rune is also a member of the world-class Danish String Quartet which records on ECM.