Catalogue Number
Release Date
10th August 2018
Eyes Wide Open
1. All Of Your Love / 2. Everything I Have To Give / 3. Il Grande Mafioso / 4. Won't Be Taken Down / 5. Time / 6. Dishevelled / 7. Troubled Soul (intro) / 8. Kalina / 9. Handful Of Doubt / 10. Right As Rain / 11. Other Part Of Me / 12. Stay / 13. Hold You To It
His eighth studio album, Eyes Wide Open seals Aynsley Lister's reputation for adroitly blending blues and rock, pop and even a smattering of soul. Hooky melodies dovetail seamlessly with blazing blues solos that are as passionate as they are tasteful. Like every musician of weight, this album also reveals Aynsleyís ability to tell a story. Each track paints a picture, exposing an emotional landscape with the insight of a fine artist: 'The world never stops and so much happens around us - some of it resonates with you, some of it doesnít. This album is written about the world as I see it, through eyes wide open.' The 39-year-old British guitarist says that this raw, energetic album is a return to his roots; a record that at its heart boasts all the grit of traditional blues. 'I wanted to keep the raw edginess and energy of a band,' says Aynsley. 'So that meant minimal takes and going with the ones that had the most spirit and passion over those with technical perfection. To me, music isnít supposed to be perfect. Itís supposed to grab you and move you both emotionally and physically; itís supposed to connect with you.' Peter Green, Albert King and Eric Clapton were the musical giants influencing the young ears of Aynsley Lister while he was growing up. Building on this foundation, Aynsley has crafted his own unique perspective on contemporary blues since he first formed a band aged 13 and released his self-titled debut in 1998 on Ruf Records. Itís been a fantastic journey so far that has seen Aynsley play with, amongst others, Buddy Guy, John Mayall and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Heís won multiple awards including Guitarist of the Year at the 2015 British Blues Awards and he has been nominated in the Guitarist and Male Vocal categories in the 2016 British Blues Awards.