Catalogue Number
Release Date
24th November 2017
Maintaining Dignity In Awkward Situations
1. I'd Murder To Have You Back / 2. Signs Of Weakness / 3. Seventy Years / 4. Trying To Be A Slightly Better Person / 5. You Should've Left Your Money At Home / 6. This Car Is Gonna Crash / 7. It's Dark Outside / 8. Crawling My Way Out / 9. Is It Safe To Say 'Goodnight'?
The Penny Black Remedy return with their third album, produced by Morrissey's longtime guitarist and musical director Boz Boorer, alongside TPBR's singer and songwriter Keith M Thomson. In keeping with the band's multi-cultural line up and diverse musical leanings, the recording of the album was an international affair, taking place in Boorer's Serra Vista studio in Portugal, and Baba Lunar and Lazareti Studios in Dubrovnik, Croatia. For the recording, Dalkeith native Thomson was joined by longtime TPBR partner Marijana Hajdarhodzic, from Croatia on vocals; Jeremy Mendonca from the USA on acoustic guitar and backing vocals; Basia Bartz, from Poland, on violin and Londoners Jamie Shaw on drums and former UK Subs bassist Paul Slack. The album also features guest appearances from David Ruffy and Segs Jennings (The Ruts) and Peter Radcliffe (The Penguin Café Orchestra) on drums. Since forming in London in 2006, The Penny Black Remedy have thrilled crowds with their wild live sets and unique musical fusion of folk, punk, ska and country. They released their debut album No One's Fault But Your Own in May 2009 on their own Soundinistas label, followed by the acclaimed second album Inhale… Exhale… OK, Now You Can Panic! Released in July 2013, it drew rave reviews from the likes of The Mirror, Q, Uncut, R2 Magazine and Americana UK, picking up substantial airplay for the singles 'Some People Just Don't Know When To Quit' and 'Up To My Neck In A Hex'.