Catalogue Number
Release Date
20th October 2017
One With The Beloved
1. Akbar / 2. Bismillah/La Illaha I'll' Allah / 3. Asheghi Peydast (Discovery Of Love) / 4. Baza (Come Again) / 5. Three Butterflies / 6. Al Fatiheh/Esgh Allah Mabud allah / 7. Heart Of Silk / 8. Earth & Sky / 9. Az Nour (From Light) / 10. Allah Hu / 11. Akbar (Grander Version) / 12. Earth & Sky (AWITW Remix)
A ground-breaking new album is uniting music fans across the globe and creating a new wave of music peace activism. The artist, vocalist and leading sound therapist Shervin Boloorian who resides in Bali presents One With The Beloved, the centrepiece of his music project for peace and reconciliation between Middle Eastern and Western cultures he belongs to and which are in conflict today. Boloorian's vision of bridging this major divide through music has brought his campaign a successful crowdfunding following and coverage from Huffington Post, with two thousands new fans on social media, a new single and a 40-date-strong European Tour. This pioneering album seeks to use music inspired by popular Sufi philosopher, Jallaludin Rumi, as a community-building force to connect people and provide a vehicle to transcend political agendas. As Shervin notes, 'The songs belong to none and to all, just as Rumi says 'not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu Buddhist, Sufi or Zen. The album is neither Sufi nor world music, not sound meditation, not muslim, not poetry nor entertainment, although contains features from all of the above.' A refugee, raised in Suffolk, UK, Shervin endured a troubling first-hand experience of a tumultuous period in the history of East-West relations from the 1978 Iranian Revolution and subsequent Iran-Iraq war. This openly accentuates Shervin’s deep rooted personal experience and knowledge that 'we need the music world to help actively drive change, since our political institutions are not succeeding.' The album which is partially produced by Ric Peet from the retrospective and chart topping Candy Flip, is released on Hi-Phi Music and breaks new ground with this unique concept. Offering the world's first Sufi chant (Zikr) in a West African style, accompanied by the Kora and additional meditation instruments that deliver Western and Eastern flavoured melodies and percussion the songs are rich in definition and variety. The texts contained within the album were produced over 800 years ago, carrying a profound, universal and layered message of friendship, peace and wisdom that are both pertinent and relevant today. Furthermore, the scriptures from Rumi are evidence that peace and reconciliation is possible and also essential to our race's survival and its evolution.