Catalogue Number
Release Date
21st May 2007
1. Cockney Reject / 2. Come See Me / 3. It's Alright Bruv / 4. Fists of Fury / 5. (The Ballad of) Big Time Charlie / 6. Unforgiven / 7. Useless Generation / 8. Wish You Were'nt Here / 9. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles / 10. Gonna Make You A Star / 11. Stick 2 Your Guns / 12. (I Don't Want To) Fight No More
The Cockney Rejects formed in London's East End in 1979. After their first record, the ‘Flares and Slippers’ EP, the band were snapped up by EMI where they had 5 Top 75 singles, including I’m Not A Fool, which was recently used for a Levi’s ad, and 2 in the top 40 – ‘The Greatest Cockney Rip Off’ and the West Ham anthem ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles’. The band's first album, the cheekily-titled ‘Greatest Hits Volume 1’, was quickly followed by ‘Greatest Hits Volume 2’ and saw the band attracting a massive following all over Europe. It was a song on Vol 2, ‘Oi Oi Oi’, that gave a name to the new form of street punk evolving at the time that became known as Oi! Music. The Rejects disbanded in 1985 but returned briefly in 1990 to release the album Lethal. In 1999 the band decided to reform with a view to return to live work and also to recording again. After reforming they found that the scene had changed.... for the better. Along with their ever-faithful fanbase, the band found that they had reached almost mythological status amongst a new breed of fan - kids weaned on the likes of bands such as Green Day, Rancid, Blink 182 and others, who themselves had long cited the Rejects as a major influence. Consequently the boys found themselves in increasing demand, headlining festivals in Europe as well as in the US and Japan. Now 2007 is here, and the Cockney Rejects are gearing themselves up for their biggest year since their reformation. A brand new studio album - Unforgiven - is out on the G&R London label in June, together with a single and video for the track Fists Of Fury, which will be available to download. The Rejects will headline the Concrete Jungle festival on April 20-22 and the Rebellion festival at Blackpool in August. Possibly most exciting of all, the Rejects will play the London Mean Fiddler show on June 30, worldwide PPV broadcast. Plenty of life in the old dogs yet, we reckon!