Catalogue Number
Release Date
3rd November 2017
Another Landing
1. Fly On The Wall / 2. Everything Lasts An Age / 3. A Pound Of Penny Gaffs / 4. Swept Away / 5. Unique / 6. Every Little Box / 7. I Smell Gas / 8. Not So 'Big In Japan' / 9. Those Weren't The Days / 10. Not Stranger Than Fiction / 11. Walter + Wally / 12. Fly In The Ointment / 13. Over And Out Of Here
Following on from the resounding success of 2012’s Above as Below (with cover art from 2014 Grammy-nominee Jonathan Barnbrook) Cult With No Name returned with the astonishing ‘Another Landing’. CWNN’s sixth long player reveals the London duo to be in a defiant mood, which notably picks up the pace. Amongst the meticulously executed and emotive piano wizardry of the likes of ‘Swept Away’, the band cast a more urgent and scathing eye on the state of the nation, or rather indignation, with the pulsing India-electro of ‘Everything Lasts an Age’. Elsewhere, the witty Walter + Wally sounds something Phil Spector producing Café del Mar, and certainly nothing like the two musicians it pays tribute to. The plaintive ‘Not so ‘Big in Japan’’ devilishly pokes fun at musicians who claim they are anything but, with ‘Over and Out of Here’ providing a soaring and entirely fitting electronic crescendo to the band’s latest, and finest excursion. With the now typical mélange of breathtaking guest appearances, including three-fifths of legendary Tuxedomoon, Cult With No Name may have finally secured their passport…but to where? Packaged in a deluxe fold-out box, with booklet and stickers (designed by Leigh @ Bit-Phalanx), ‘Another Landing’ equally upholds the tradition of stunning packaging that accompanies CWNN releases.