Catalogue Number
Release Date
6th July 2018
1. Sudden Getaway / 2. Company Girl (Needs A Company Man) / 3. The MF Blues / 4. Ainít That What They Say? / 5. Charing Cross / 6. Batten Down The Hatches / 7. Ghosts / 8. Requiem / 9. Pieces / 10. See You When I See You
Luke Tuchscherer, the Bedfordian singer/songwriter now based in New York City, presents his third album. Pieces signals a return to the scorching roots rock of Luke's music with previous band The Whybirds (which disbanded in 2017), bringing to mind artists such as Neil Young, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen. Tuchscherer said: 'My first two records were made while The Whybirds were still active, and so I felt it was important for them to be sonically separate from the band. Now the Ďbirds have folded, Iíve gone back to a sound which is more quintessentially Ďmeí. Iím sure Iíll do more acoustic stuff in the future, but for now I really wanted to plug in the electric guitar. Iím sure playing drums in Herd Behaviour [Lukeís alt.rock side project, which released the Animal Habitual album in 2017] helped free up my rock Ďní roll side a bit too. I was tempted to make this album self-titled, as the I feel the music best represents what Iím about as an artist, but in the end, I think the themes on this record are perhaps more cohesive than on any other album Iíve made, and I felt that the title track summed those themes up the best. Clue: No one ever said growing up would be like this.' Produced by Luke Tuchscherer, the album was recorded and mixed by Chris Corney, before being mastered by Rodney Mills (Pearl Jam, REM, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Drive-By Truckers). The seven rock songs at the core of the album were recorded in one day (1 June 2017), while the acoustic ballads were recorded in just a few other sessions.