Catalogue Number
Release Date
4th May 2018
Songs From The Subway
1. The Doctor / 2. Twisting And Turning / 3. They Burned Our House Down / 4. Don't Fight The Feeling / 5. Drowning / 6. Skinny Little Girl / 7. If We Go Down / 8. Another Day, Another Dollar / 9. Nothing Really Matters / 10. Take You Too
The New Forbidden features Loyd Grossman (guitar) and Valentine Guinness (lead vocals) and takes its name, and some of its hard-hitting intent, from Grossman's former band Jet Bronx And The Forbidden. In 1977 'Ain't Doing Nothing', written by Grossman, had enough impact to be regarded as a classic of its kind and led to recent performances at the Glastonbury and Rebellion festivals. For those performances Grossman, who originally sang alongside playing guitar, brought in his friend Valentine Guinness to handle lead vocals. Very soon The New Forbidden were having such fun they didn't want to stop, and thus this album was born. Songs From The Subway features ten brand new songs, written by the band. Grossman's deft, plangent and melodic guitar work on his beloved 1968 Gibson Les Paul drives things forward, ably abetted by Guinness' crisp vocals. The New Forbidden produce a wild, catchy sound with a modern angst-ridden edge. The influence of the golden age of UK/US New Wave is a rich thread through the material; shades of Blondie, Iggy Pop, The Killers, The Damned, Lou Reed, The Only Ones, Richard Hell, The Smiths and The Doors run deep. The album was produced by Dan Swift (Art Brut, Snow Patrol, Blue Tones etc.) The Guardian described their sound as ' Comfortingly raucous, high energy pop which showcases Grossman's adroitly effervescent soloing and singer Valentine Guinness's ironic, neatly observed lyrics, both of which exemplify their work.' Though now a household name in the food world and beyond, Loyd Grossman started playing guitar as a 12 year-old in Boston, the beating heart of the US rock scene in the 60s and 70s. He started to write for underground magazines and ended up writing reviews for Rolling Stone, often seeing four or five bands a night. The constant, however, was performance, and he has played in several bands - The New Forbidden is just the latest chapter in his musical story.