Catalogue Number
Release Date
7th September 2018
Made Up My Mind
1. Made Up My Mind / 2. This Old World / 3. Help Me / 4. Tires Of Wasting My Time / 5. See It Through / 6. You Hurt Me / 7. That's Alright / 8. Sure As The Sunrise
Having first picked up a guitar at the age of 8, Connor has been honing his craft and his song writing to create something truly special. 'Made Up My Mind' is it. With the material on the album fully road-tested, this album is the first step on a what will be a long and fascinating road. A modern British guitarist, steeped in the history and styles of what has come before but with his own style and take, Connor's sound is a thrilling hybrid of soulful blues with a touch of rock. On this eight-track debut album he demonstrates deft technique but also true feel and understanding of tone. Connor uses an R9 Gibson Les Paul, alongside a VOS Gibson SC and even a Strat. Connor's inspirations come from the British blues boom: Clapton, Kossoff, Green, as well as early soul music, and the original electric blues 'Kings' (BB, Freddie and Albert!), but on 'Made Up My Mind' he has created a sound and style all of his own.