Catalogue Number
Release Date
26th January 2018
1. Wedding Song - Justin Vernon & Anais Mitchell / 2. Epic (Part I) - Justin Vernon / 3. Way Down Hadestown - Ben Knox Miller, Ani DiFranco, Justin Vernon, Anais Mitchell & the Chorus / 4. Songbird Intro - Instrumental / 5. Hey, Little Songbird - Greg Brown feat. Anais Mitchell / 6. Gone, I'm Gone - Anais Mitchell, The Haden Triplets / 7. When The Chips Are Down - The Haden Triplets / 8. Wait For Me - Ben Knox Miller, Justin Vernon / 9. Why We Build The Wall - Greg Brown, Chorus / 10. Our Lady Of The Underground - Ani DiFranco, Chorus / 11. Flowers (Eurydice's Song) - Anais Mitchell / 12. Nothing Changes - The Haden Triplets / 13. If It's True - Justin Vernon / 14. Papers (Hades Finds Out) - Instrumental / 15. How Long? - Ani DiFranco, Greg Brown / 16. Epic (Part II) - Justin Vernon / 17. Lover's Desire - Lover's Desire / 18. His Kiss The Riot - Greg Brown / 19. Doubt Comes In - Justin Vernon, Anais Mitchell / 20. I Raise My Cup To Him - Anais Mitchell, Ani DiFranco
Hadestown sees Ana´s Mitchell joined by a host of guest contributors including Ani Di Franco, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), The Haden Triplets, Greg Brown and Ben Knox Miller of the Low Anthem. Based upon the ancient Greek myth of the poet Orpheus and his doomed quest to rescue his wife Eurydice from the underworld, Hadestown evokes an American depression-era past, the global financial troubles leading into 2010 (though it was written before the stock market collapse), and a post-apocalyptic future. Ana´s, who sings the part of Eurydice, the character whose (metaphoric) death propels Orpheus into "Hadestown" is joined by a veritable Who's Who of modern indie folk and rock on the release. Justin Vernon of Bon Iver plays Orpheus; Greg Brown is Hades, Lord of the Underworld ("king of the kingdom of dirt"); Ani DiFranco plays Hades' strong-willed, subversive wife, Persephone; the Haden Triplets (Petra, Rachel, and Tanya) are the Greek chorus-like Fates and Ben Knox Miller of The Low Anthem is the messenger Hermes. Together, they create a world where people hide behind walls in a misguided attempt to preserve their "freedom" and protect their riches. Now available once more as a deluxe edition 8-panel digipak with detailed 24 page booklet.