Catalogue Number
Release Date
18th May 2018
Derek Plays Eric
1. Steampunk 69 / 2. Plodding Along / 3. Roost'r/Tunnel Boogie / 4. Gentle Maya: Dance Of Maya/Eat Your Blues/Valedictory / 5. I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues/Hen's Teeth & Bee's Knees / 6. The Politician / 7. Alexis & The North / 8. Laili / 9. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat/The Marshall Needs El Juicio / 10. I Repeat Myself II/The Stumble / 11. Fettes Holz / 12. Hckhh Blues/Statues / 13. Element Arfelder
Although Derek plays Eric suggests a mix of influences between the notorious and abstract avant-garde Brit guitarist Derek Bailey and the very blueslike Eric Clapton, there are clearly other forces at play here as well…. This is not just experimentation for it's own sake, it is a fascinating fusion and has a very strong musical statement to make. In doing so it tells us that it hasn't just appeared from nowhere, but that it is derived from definite traditions, both ancient and modern, which are clearly an important part of these musicians' experience. Andreas Willers, a young veteran, has worked with vast list of Germany's finest players and composers, and also alongside such great international figures as Trilok Gurtu and the great Paul Bley. I do detect on this record some hommage to John McLaughlin, and even perhaps to the late Sonny Sharrock, who, like Andreas, took a very special interest in the actual sounds and textures that guitars can make. Others that may have had some bearing on the latter players would certainly be Hendrix and Jeff Beck, and before them Phil Upchurch and Roy Buchanan. The material on this record, however, is extremely varied, from Mingus and Ellington to the now revered Brit progrock band Gentle Giant. Praises are due here to the wonderful rhythm section - drummer Christian Marien has great chops and keeps up mightily with everything that's thrown at him, and Jan Roder's playing is highly imaginative and particularly impressive on the double bass. Whenever I make records I always try to ensure a good variety of keys, melodies, moods, grooves, time signatures and tempos, and I'm pleased to say that this record does just that. You will be both intrigued, stimulated and entertained by these fine performances - Pete Brown