Catalogue Number
Release Date
18th May 2018
Live In Berlin
Disc 1: 1. Peter And Judith / 2. Nonaah / 3. Old. Disc 2: 1. Bass Solo / 2. Tutankhamun / 3. Barnyard Scuffel Shuffel / 4. N'famadou Boudougou / 5. Odwalla/Theme
In the bright round on the stage: Gesture and Sound, the magic of recollection, long forgotten time, which passes and begins, on the highways (Ancient To The Future), through the wilderness of wasted moments to now & here & not yet. From afar: rattling & ringing, deep voices in the nocturnal forest. Just beyond the curtain the Savannah begins: Community of human & animal & plant. Recalls this, too: Pictures from America (with slightly shaky hands): Plantation & pints, peanuts and pin ups, tent-shows, riots and church masses, winter in the windy city (Sweet Home Chicago/Chicago Breakdown), Dance around burning cadillacs, message to friends and neighbours. Drifted away from the American way (whatever that may be), between corrugated iron and cardboard, dignity rediscovered: Great Black Music. Triumph, legacy & resolution, played on the South Side, at the Seine, elsewhere. (And once, too, in the house of the Deutsches Theater.) & after every spectacle the magic dissolves, the music hangs in the air, the doors stay open: Long since current again: The myths, the time, close enough to grasp. & even in the next mirror we may glimpse it: A shaman with sad eyes, balancing happily on the dancing asphalt.