Catalogue Number
Release Date
19th January 2018
Devil's Bit Sessions - Three Generations Of Tradition
1. Bunch of Green Rushes/The Ladies Cup of Tea (Reels) / 2. Neary's/Meelick Team (Jigs) / 3. Japanese Hornpipe/The Contradiction (Hornpipe/Reel) / 4. Captain O Kane (Planxty) / 5. Fisher's Rant/Glen Road To Carrick (Strathspey/Reel) / 6. Caoineadh Eoghan Rua (Slow Air) / 7. The Nutcracker/Red Whitethorn (Reels) / 8. Old Lark On The Strand/Charlie's Aunt (Jigs) / 9. The Cat That Ate The Candle/Over The Water To Bessie/Dandy Dinny Cronin (Reels) / 10. The Wild Geese (Slow Air) / 11. GarryKennedy Castle (Hornpipe) / 12. Muineal an Bhardail/The Callan Lassies (Reels) / 13. McCallums/Jackson's Wallop The Spot (Jigs) / 14. Smash The Windows/Prestons (Reels) / 15. Far Away Waltz/The Cock And The Hen (Waltz/Slip Jig) / 16. Sonny's Favourite/Over The Hill/The Sandymount (Reels) / 17. The Return Of Spring/The Pathway (Polkas) / 18. Beare Island/Mcfaddens (Reels) / 19. Down The Broom/The Gatehouse Maid (Reels)
Grammy Nominated Celtic Violinist Máiréad Nesbitt's latest endeavour comes straight from her home where she grew up in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Máiréad has gone back to her roots and has created this unique live album experience with her entire family. Devil's Bit Sessions was recorded over a weekend in a 'session' type scenario in the Nesbitt Family's home at the foot of Devil's Bit Mountain. The live album captures the family's chats which are intertwined with the 19 tracks of these traditional Irish tunes including favourites such as The Faraway Waltz, The Wild Geese, The Bunch of Green Rushes and the Return of Spring / The Mountain Pathway. The album was recorded with 13 members of the Nesbitt Family. The youngest, Lilly is only 10 years old, and spans through to John Nesbitt who is 81 years young. This was a very special project for these three generations and was a family affair from the content to the art direction. These are tunes that Kathleen and John Nesbitt learned from their parents and taught to their children and grandchildren. The title 'Devil's Bit Sessions' comes from local legend of the devil flying over the mountain, taking a bite out of it, and spitting it out in nearby Cashel, creating the famous Rock of Cashel. Special guest and long-time family friend Eoghan O'Neill joined on acoustic bass and renowned producer Brian Masterson beautifully recorded, mixed and mastered this unique project produced by Máiréad and Karl Nesbitt.