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17th June 2016
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The Deliverance Of Marlowe Billings
Dan Stuart, Poor Old Dan, Marlowe Billings, Dan Fucking Stuart... whatever you want to call him is back. Green On Red's former front man and main scribe presents 'A false memoir', detailing his life on the road, his loves and his demons. It's a hell of a ride… "The Deliverance Of Marlowe Billings is like the best of Green On Red. Funny and heartbreaking, raw and a bit off key, and always charging forward. Dan Stuart writes with one fist full of rage and one high and drunk looking for a place to say. Most of all he writes with blood. He's got that rare gift, he's honest. He's also funnier than hell. Dan Stuart is and has always been the real deal" - Willy Vlautin. "Unapologetic. Unforgiving. Highly amusing. Fact, fantasy, fiction, murder myster? Who fucking cares? I just wanted to race to the next page, the next disaster, unavoidable fuck-up. American literature as it was meant to be. Brutal" - Lydia Lunch.